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    Get into this.

    An 18-year-old white dudebro high on mushrooms breaks into a government building acting wild as fuck.

    Dudebro goes BUCK on several police officers.

    During his all-out bucktitude, he manages to break out of handcuffs and grab a police officer’s gun.

    HE FIRES OFF A SHOT from this gun.

    A gang of the keystone cops finally subdue him and take his precious ofay ass off to be booked.


    Let’s imagine how this shit would have gone down if dudebro was black:

    "Police officers shot and killed a black man acting erratically in a government building yesterday. They fired a total of 1,169 times. They said he made furtive movements and that his keys looked like a gun. An autopsy revealed that the man was on crack, heroin, and the marijuana, and his blood alcohol was 856 times the legal limit. Police say he has a criminal record dating back to 1956, before even his parents were born."

    This is implicit and institutionalized white supremacy in action.

    H/T Brennan Proctor

    Okay thats actually not fair. We will never know how those officers acted if the suspect had been black because he wasnt. You can not asume that just because we have seen many cases of police brutality based on racism that every cop and every station or postion is like that. Even though there are quite a few dick bags still avoiding justice because of a biased system and corrupt co workers, that doesnr make everyone every where with a badge racist. So since there is absolutely no way to know how the officers would have treated a black man in this situation, I refuse to assume that they would have been racist assholes based solely on that fact that there are cops who are. Remember what we leared about asuming, it makes an ass out of you and me.

    The white person above ^ said that shit like we don’t have COUNTLESS examples that contradict their fairytale version of events.

    Isn’t it amazing how white people can wade through MOUNDS of evidence of injustice JUST to say how it isn’t fair to point out implicit and institutionalized racism?

    Like, for them, the MOST important thing is to ensure Whiteness is defended and racism is eliminated as a cause for something.

    That’s how you can tell when an ofay feels implicated.

    My grandmother used to say, “A hit dog will holler.”

    She ain’t NEVER lied.

    Most white folks make it their BUSINESS to holler.

    All this fucking racism in America, but, mysteriously, not a single racist to be found.


    So there is substantial eviedence that these indiviauls in this situation are all racist and would have made sure to end the suspects life if he were black? You have 100% no doubt that these cops are also racist and would have killed him with no hesitation?

    Im sorry that I refuse to believe that a person who carries a badge and a gun is automatically racist.

    If we just jump to the conculision that everyone is racist or that in every single situation if it was a balck peron instead of white they would have been gunned down, how are we helping anything?

    You dont like that fact that I choose to believe that not everyone is a bad person who given the opportunity would gun down someon of a different race? In the above article there is no indication that if the dude had been black the cops would have gunned him down, so who are we to make assumtions about people we have never met and people who havent even done anything wrong? That is my problem. Innocent black men and woman and children are being abused and murder in cold blood at the hands of the people sworn to protect them, and we need to keep pressing the goverment for stricter punishments, cop cameras, and not allowing police forces ro investigate their own officers. I believe that the pysch evalution cops get before joining the force should include trying to find any biases in them based on race, religion, gender, and sexual ididentity, andbif there is any bias, they are disqualified. This hould be part of every psych evaluation they take.

    I still believe in innocent until proven guilty. And I will continue to believe it.

    So until the Beaverton City Hall cops do something racist, Im not gonna just follow along and assume that they are.

    What you want “bluejuell,” is telepathy to be the standard by which racism is judged.

    You want us to know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that in the person’s heart, they’re racist.

    You don’t give a fuck about the institutional character of racism, which doesn’t require an individual racist person in order to function, that can function SIMPLY by treating one group of people one way and another group another way.

    You can’t seriously be sitting here imagining that these cops would have taken the same precautions to preserve the life of a black person in this same situation—not when we have countless examples of black people doing LESS than this and getting killed by white police officers.

    But I bet you are serious. I bet in your pristine white world of Everything’s Equal!, you actually believe, because you NEED to in order to preserve your innocence and your White identity, that these cops would treat a black person the same way they would treat a white person. Allow me to disavow you or your luxurious fantasies.


    That information is EASY to find on the Internet. If you don’t know, it’s because you don’t want to know.

    Yeah. I know. “Not all white people are racists.” (patent pending)

    Maybe not, bluejuell. Maybe all white people aren’t racist.

    But you are, bluejuell. DEFINITELY you.


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    Men who can’t cook, clean, or even do their own laundry are not “cute” and “in need of a woman to care for them”. They are spoiled brats so dependent on gender roles that they never bothered to learn the minimal skills to take care of themselves.

    seriously though


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  7. This year’s Beijing Independent Film Festival, which was slated to take place this past week, was shut down by authorities. They are holding a virtual closing ceremony. Here is the announcement:

    You can also participate in the (Eyes) Closing Ceremony* of the Beijing Independent Film Festival in Songzhuang. ( * In the announcement, the original Chinese for “closing ceremony” replaces one character [curtain] with the homophone “eye”.)
    August 31 was the original date for the closing ceremony. The festival could not be held, but won’t you participate in an Internet ceremony in its place? Everyone is welcome.
    How to participate:
    After 4:00 on August 31, take a self-portrait with both eyes closed and upload it to the social media of your choice. Choose your own background. And put “(Eyes) Closing Ceremony of the 11th Annual Beijing Independent Film Festival.”




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  10. Attempting to do work on Northeastern’s campus during Welcome Week is like being trapped in a khaki-filled Hell